We are  qualified and experienced trades people and project managers. We design, build, install and maintain commercial kitchens.

Service Contracts

Enviro-Tech designs, builds, installs and services kitchen catering equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients throughout New Zealand.

Our work is in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients and in compliance with the NZ Building Code.

Our clients include restaurants, hospitals, rest homes, and top hotels. Every situation is unique and our qualified design team can work with you to come up with design solutions for your specific requirements.

These could include:

  • Under-counter Dishwashers
  • Hood-type Dishwshers
  • Convection Ovens
  • Combi Ovens
  • Free Standing Gas Ranges
  • All Food Equipment

Service Maintenance Plans

Enviro-tech's service plans are designed to protect your investment and ensure that the equipment continues to perform to the original intent of the design. We have a strong belief in the role of routine maintenance and have put together an affordable programme to keep our clients equipment running in a safe and energy efficient manner.

We offer customised service plans to ensure compliance with the Building Act, reduce unplanned downtime and maintain efficiency.

Plans are based on predictive techniques as opposed to reactive measures. This philosophy allows for predetermined turn-off of equipment at a convenient time to instigate pre-emptive repairs, as opposed to unplanned downtime and disruption. The reactive approach usually results in higher costs and greater productivity loss.

Our Service Agreements are open ended, which means the client is not locked in to lengthy terms, and the contract is automatically renewed at current rates and subject to short notice of cancellation.

Options are provided to allow for minor repairs to be carried out based on a pre-approved level of authority. This avoids the owner or manager having to deal with minor issues and in some cases avoids major repairs due to approval delays. Cost reductions also result due to the fact a service technician is already on site and can immediately attend to the problem.

Service Coverage

Our Service Programme covers:

  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • All Food Equipment

Together with our partners we provide nationwide coverage.