Financing Options

We can assist with financing for Operating Lease or Lease to Own arrangements with Flexirent.

Leasing Calculator and Pre-Approval


Conserve your cash
With Flexirent Operating Lease you are not restricted by your available cash or credit card limits. No deposit is required. Simply pay the first monthly rental payment in advance. Put your cash to better use in your business.

Pay for equipment as you use it
Why pay for equipment years in advance? Pay for the equipment as you use it and improve your cash flow. Choose the rental term that suits your needs and budget. You can lease equipment from $500 over 1 to 5 year terms.

The flexibility to upgrade to new technology
You are able to future proof your business technology needs. Avoid the hassle of being locked into owning and disposing of outdated technology. Gain the benefits of using the most up to date technology when you need it.

Increase your purchasing power
Affordable monthly payments allow you to obtain the solution that best suits your business needs. The fixed monthly expense makes budgeting easy.