Unox Electric Convection Oven Rossella Dynamic XFT 195

4,695.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

+ Description and Overview 


  • Baking Computer - Digital Control with 70 programs
  • Steam Maxi System - Humidity can be produced from the very beginning of any operation
  • High quality product to a very competitive price
  • Reliability - The whole line has been properly designed with components able to work continuously for long times
  • Perfect Baking Results - The heat transported by air is uniformly distributed inside the cavity in order to obtain a homogeneous external colouration of food in all trays
  • Easy Cleaning - Baking chamber with rounded shape and completely built in stainless steel
  • Safety - The external glass remains cool thanks to an air space between the double glasses, also special insulation material is used 
  • Hinges - Tested for more than 100,000 openings, always with perfect balancing and soft closing
  • Lighting - Through long live halogen lamp
  • Interchangable from tray 400x600 mm to 460x660 mm ( bun pan)
  • Stackable
  • Supplies with 2 grids

Technical Information

Model XFT195
Capacity 4 600x400 mm or optional: 4 660x460 mm
Pitch 75 mm
Power 6.3 KW
Voltage 230V / 400 V
Max Temperature 260 C
Weight 49 KG
Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x770x509 mm
+ Manufacturer 


Founded in 1990, Unox’s mission is to contribute to the quality, the competitiveness and the simplification of the customer’s cooking process.
Due to a continuous process of research and innovation, Unox has rapidly established itself in the international market as a leading company in the production of professional ovens for the bakery, pastry and gastronomy markets.
Unox is highly popular. Today, Unox is Number One in the world for sales of professional ovens in a year. In over 85 countries around the world, thousands of operators in the industry have chosen Unox.