Unox Bakertop Mind.Maps XEBC-10EU-E1R

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  • Capacity: 10 600 x 400
  • Convection baking: 30°C - 260°C
  • Delta T baking core probe
  • Advanced and Automatic baking programming
  • Holding baking mode
  • MIND.Maps technology
  • Draw baking processes made of infinite steps with 1 simple touch
  • Core probe
  • Programs store up to 256 user's program
  • AIR.Maxi technology; multiple, reversing fans
  • DRY.Maxi technology: High performance moisture and humidity extraction
  • Double stack column
  • Protek.SAFETY technology: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety
  • Rotor.KLEAN: 4 Automatic washing programs
  • Door hinges made of high durability and self-lubricationg techno-polymer
  • Preheating temperature up to 260°C
  • Chamber lightning through external LED lights
  • Steam proof sealed MASTER. Touch control panel
  • High capacity appliance drip pan
  • Light weight-heavy duty structure using innovative materials
  • Autodiagnosis system for problems or brake down
  • Safety temperature switch
  • Openable internal glass to simplify door cleaning
  • Stainless steel C-shaped rack rails with notched recesses for easy loading
  • WARRANTY: 12 months Parts & Labour
  • Power: 400 Volts; 14.9 kW
  • Dimensions: 860 x 957 x 1163mm [h]
  • Weight: 130 kg
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UNOX XEBC-10EU-E1R BakerTop Mind Maps ONE Series 10 Tray Electric Combi Oven

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Founded in 1990, Unox’s mission is to contribute to the quality, the competitiveness and the simplification of the customer’s cooking process.
Due to a continuous process of research and innovation, Unox has rapidly established itself in the international market as a leading company in the production of professional ovens for the bakery, pastry and gastronomy markets.
Unox is highly popular. Today, Unox is Number One in the world for sales of professional ovens in a year. In over 85 countries around the world, thousands of operators in the industry have chosen Unox.