ProMix SM-70 Spiral Mixer - 40KG

10,950.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

8,850.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

The ProMix Belt-driven Spiral Mixers are specially designed for busy retail bakeries. Heavy-duty and easy to use!

+ Description and Overview 


  • Bowl capacity: 24kg flour / 40kg wet dough mix / 70L
  • Full belt-driven mixer
  • Heavy duty design
  • 2 Powerful motors, one to drive the spiral, one to dirve the bowl
  • High efficiency 2-speed controls give positive results of dough mixing
  • 2 Timers, timer controlled mixing with manual override
  • Strong stainless steel spiral-agitator, guide bar and bowl
  • Ewuipped with overload relay to protect motor ans transmission components
  • Stainless steel safety wire ghuard, automatic shut-off when guard is lifted for safety
  • Mixer is baked and coated with long lasting and chip-resistant enamel paint

Technical Information

Model SM-70
Max. capacity flour 24 KG
Max. capacity Dough 40 KG (wet dough mix)
Bowl capacity: 70 L
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 540 x 950 x 1050
Motors Power Spiral: 2.5 HP / Bowl: 1/2 HP
Voltage: 400 V
Weight 205 KG
+ Manufacturer 


ProMix is a line of high-quality commercial bakery equipment at a very competitive price. Ideal for busy retail bakeries!