Manitowoc Sotto Ice Machine 40 Kg/24Hrs,l 20Kg Storage

3,450.00 NZD

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2,795.00 NZD

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Sotto UG-040A 
Compact Ice Cuber 40Kg/24Hrs Production with 20 Kg Integral storage Bin
2+1 Warranty

+ Description and Overview 

Key features and benefits of the new Sotto include:

  • The slide out air filter protects against lint, grease and dust, making routine maintenance and cleaning of the condenser quick and easy
  • Sotto's redesigned refrigeration system is responsible for delivering as much as 43% more ice on a daily basis than any previous models, while maintaining the same compact footprint
  • Designed with built-in undercounter applications in mind, Sotto ice machines have no top or side minimum clearances, so can accommodate the most space constrained installations
  • Results from rigorous field trials in countries around the world – exposing the Sotto to a variety of climates and temperatures reaching in excess of 40 degrees centigrade – found its performance to be consistently high and robust


Technical Information


Model Number ..UG-040A.


240 Volt 15 Amp Plug / 3 Amp

Water Supply Temperature

10Deg.C to 43Deg.C

Water Supply Pressure

140-150 kpa

Eternal Width


External depth


External Height




Specification Sheet: 
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