Fiorenzato BRICOLETTA manual 1 Group Espresso Machine

2,750.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

+ Description and Overview 

The Bricoletta has an intriguing body style, it is beautifully designed with a polished stainless steel body. It has a strong stainless steel frame to assure a long life and it has been designed for easy access to most parts. The Bricoletta has an easy to remove water tank, meaning cleaning is a simple task.


  • Automatic water level control of the boiler
  • Boiler pressure control gauge
  • 1jointed steam wand in brass and chromed copper with antiburn rubber
  • 1 hot water dispenser
  • Manual contol for energy savings

Technical Information

Model BRICOLETTA manual 1group
Group height 96 mm
Boiler capacity 1.25 Ltr
Power 1.8 KW / 10 amps
Voltage 230 V
Weight 24 KG
Dimensions (WxDxH) 300x420x420 mm
+ Manufacturer 


Fiorenzato is a company with a long history and has been providing a service to the coffee industry since 1936. Fiorenzato is one of Italy’s most celebrated coffee machine companies with decades of experience producing some of the finest products on the market.