Electrolux Undercounter Commercial Medical Line Bed Pan Sanitizer

6,995.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

Specialised Rack to Accomodate Bed Pans
Internal Devise Guarantees Disinfection by Rinsing at 90 Deg.C for 30 Seconds 

+ Description and Overview 


  • 10 Baskets per Hour
  • Guaranteed Disinfection
  • Auto Fault Diagnostics
  • Internal Detergent Pumps

Technical Information

Model Model Number .503037..
Power 6.85 Kw
Water Supply 50 Deg.C
Water Pressure .5 - 7 Bar



+ Manufacturer 

Electrolux Professional


Excellence in Food Service and Laundry Solutions


Electrolux Professional is the only supplier worldwide offering a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundry under the same brand. Solutions that frequently are used under the same roof, working ‘hand in hand’ in businesses such as hotels and in hospitals. One professional brand with unique expertise within each business.