Electrolux Hood-type Commercial Dishwasher 505070

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Electrolux Manual Operated Green & Clean Hood Type Dishwasher with Drain Pump and Rinse Aid and Detergent Dispensers.

Electrolux Green&Clean Hood Dishwashers Overview:
Efficiency, Simplicity, Performance - Regardless of what you want from a machine, Electrolux is able to offer it. Always with something extra: efficiency with maximum reliability; ease of use together with innovative technology; superior performance combined with savings in water, energy and detergent. Our specialization in dishwashing goes back a long way, and, in these cases, experience is the key to achieving excellence. Listening is our strength: at Electrolux we are accustomed to listening to our customers, to anticipate their needs in order to satisfy their requests without hesitation.


+ Description and Overview 

 Dishwasher Main Features:

  • Uses only 2 liters of clean water per final rinse cycle resulting in low energy, water, detergent and rinse aid consumption.
  • 84°C rinse temperature and pressure guaranteed by built in atmospheric boiler and built in rinse booster pump.
  • Washing performance is guaranteed by a powerful 0.8 kW wash pump and upper and lower stainless steel revolving washing spray arms.
  • Unique temperature interlock guarantees required temperatures of both the wash and final rinse water.
  • Maximum capacity of 80 racks or 1440 dishes per hour.
  • Wash cycles 45/84/150 seconds (in high productivity mode)
    Wash cycles 57/84/150 seconds (in ETL-Sanitation mode)
  • Slanted wash arms and sloped chamber ceiling to avoid detergent filled wash water dropping onto clean items.
  • Soft start feature to help prevent damages to more delicate items such as glassware.
  • Cycle may be interrupted at any time by lifting the hood.
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle and self draining vertical wash pump and boiler to avoid bacteria build-up.
  • State-of-the-art electronic controls with built-in programming, self diagnostics for serviceability and automatic interior self-cleaning cycle.
  • Built-in rinse aid and detergent dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect results while minimising service and maintenance needs.
  • Three phase electrical connection, convertible to single phase easily by installing engineer.
  • IP25 protection against water jet, solid objects and small animals (larger than 6mm)
  • The unit shall include drain pump, detergent and rinse aid dispenser pumps and is equipped with flexible fill hoses.
  • Convertible from straight to corner operation Delivered on height-adjustable feet.
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Optional: Tabling and Installation (we can offer full bespoke dishwasher tabling and installation to suit your unique requirements).


  • Code: 505070
  • Brand Electrolux
  • Model NHT8G
  • Electrical power 9.9 Kw
  • Voltage 400 V Frequency 50 Hz Phases 3N
  • WxDxH mm 752 x 755 x 1567 mm
  • Weight Kg 118 Kg


+ Manufacturer 

Electrolux Professional


Excellence in Food Service and Laundry Solutions


Electrolux Professional is the only supplier worldwide offering a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundry under the same brand. Solutions that frequently are used under the same roof, working ‘hand in hand’ in businesses such as hotels and in hospitals. One professional brand with unique expertise within each business.