Electrolux 6 Tray Crosswise Covection Oven

7,100.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

5,460.00 NZD

(excluding GST)

 Main structure in stainless steel, with seamless joints in the oven cavity. Door with tempered glass. Cavity lighting. Unique air-flow channel system. Cooking cycles: air convection, convection with 5 stage humidification. Max. temperature of 300°C. Functional level: base, manual. "Cross-wise" pan rack, 60 mm pitch, suitable for 6x1/1GN.

+ Description and Overview 

Main Features • IPX4 water resistance certification. • Racks can be easily removed without the need for special tools. • Unique air-flow system guarantees perfect distribution of heat throughout the oven cavity. • Maximum temperature of 300°C. • Food temperature probe available as accessory. • Rapid cooling of oven cavity. • Halogen lighting and “crosswise” pan supports allow clear and unobstructed view of the products being cooked. • 5 Stage humidification control, to ensure perfect pastries and succulent roasts. • Meets the requirements of CE, VDE and DVGW for safety.

+ Manufacturer 

Electrolux Professional


Excellence in Food Service and Laundry Solutions


Electrolux Professional is the only supplier worldwide offering a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundry under the same brand. Solutions that frequently are used under the same roof, working ‘hand in hand’ in businesses such as hotels and in hospitals. One professional brand with unique expertise within each business.